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Most of the people are crazy about the call girls in Dharuhera and they are always eager to spend a beautiful pleasurable evening spent on the lap of these beautiful call girls in Dharuhera. Through the escort service in Dharuhera, on the New Year’s Eve, you will never feel like lonely and unvalued. But beside the fun and fervor, you are also concerned about what’s going in the life of call girls in Dharuhera. In this blog, a small interview taken from one of the call girls from Escort service in Dharuhera has been elaborately discussed, spare some time and find out about the life of the escort’s life.

Can you tell how you to became an escort?

Call Girls in Dharuhera

I was in college in SRCC for girls. During the college days, I was always accompanied by rich friends. These people used to buy branded shoes and bags; however, I had fewer resources and was not in a state to demand high pocket money from my parents. As we have a humble background, we cannot be extravagant with the lifestyle. Such a situation was not something that I wanted to look forward to. So, one day I saw an ad on newspaper to join the escort service and make good money in few days. Ever since then, I have been engaged in the escort business and now I can buy any brand as per my choice, without even looking at my wallet.

Do you have any moral problems?

At first I was having the moral issues. As being from a middle-class background, we are taught to always respect women and women’s shyness is her biggest and greatest jewelry. At first there were challenges sleeping with an unknown man. However, over the period, I had blended in well with different clients. On a daily basis, we come across different clients. Some are sex addicts, some just want to spend time with us, whereas, there are others who are often running after the fantasies. We ensure that our clients are satisfied to the core. Now, I never face moral obligation as this time of sex occurs upon two consenting adults.

How many clients are married men?

Almost maximum married men visit out escort agency. Either they take us to their homes or hotels. The married men are quickly saturated by the sex they do with their wives. Most of the clients are aged in between 45-50 years. They want complete satisfaction and seek additional services with additional payments.

Do the wives of such men know that they visit your escort service?

No, we follow a complete non-disclosure agreement with the clients. Their safety and privacy are kept intact. So, never ever has happened that the clients’ family has come to know about their visit to our escort agency.

Do you regret about your profession?

Sometimes we do, however, we know that we have a different life, a better life being an escort. It is tough to do all things that we could do being an escort. We never run out of resources and there is no credit facility availed in this profession. The best thing for any business person and we are also doing business by selling pleasurable moments to the clients.

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