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Summary: In this blog, you will come to know about the ways Call Girls in Sohna Road feel about the clients.

The life of call girls are filled with excitement, thrill, adventure and every day is a learning day for them. Call Girls in Sohna Road have a busy life to lead. As Gurgaon is the money making place of Delhi-NCR region, a lot of displacement happens from small and big towns of India to Gurgaon. Call girls in Sohna Road are on a relentless pursuit to make quick money by satisfying clients. In this blog, as interview from one of the escort services in Sohna Road, a call girl of Sohna Road shares her experience with different kind of clients that visit her on a regular basis.

Here are a few excerpts from her interview

New Girl Seeker

The girl audaciously shares the demand put forward by different clients. In one of her instance, she shared that often the escort’s service in Sohna Road come across new girl seeker clients. These are those clients who are always on the quest to find out new experience in their sexual rendezvous. In a way, they want to explore fresh meat every-time when they are pounding on the service provider. As per the experience of the escort interview, she said, “  In our escort service in Sohna Road, it is often seen that older men are often on the hunt to find new girls, untouched, like a damsel-in-distress. She says, I completely find this kind of men as soul less creatures” They have little or no compassion for the escorts and they treat us like shits. These types of clients are misogynists. They are often unable to overpower their wives or girlfriends in their personal life, and they come seek our service to dominate us and show their true manliness, which is often questionable in their own home.

The Nice Guy

The “Nice Guy” is the one who has been recently divorced or has been undergoing the break-up phase. They want call girls in Sohna Road to give them the quality time where they can easily speak their heart out. They are extremely nice and approachable. They will not make the escorts feel that they are whores and harlots, rather, they will speak gently, care for the escorts and they will even ask whether they are enjoying the time with him or not. The nice guys are those who are always valuing the escorts and make them feel like a normal girl. Nice guys are not just anyone who is there coming with the mindset that I have paid for the sex and I will have it at any cost. These guys are seemingly gentle and approachable. They will do anything to make the escorts comfortable. In Sohna Road, you can easily find such guys who are willing to take the escort service and give a wonderful experience to the escorts.

Escorts are not just a commodity that you have paid for, they are humans too. They have feeling and compassion and if you want the best to come out, you need to believe in them and show them respect.

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